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By John McTernan

In October of 1991, former President George Bush (Sr.) put the United States directly in a confrontation with the holy God of Israel.  It began with the Madrid Peace Process, which was a plan for Israel to give away parts of the covenant land for peace.  The plan included Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Gaza.  At the exact time President Bush was initiating the Madrid Peace Process, the Perfect Storm developed in the North Atlantic and came 1,000 miles the “wrong” way and sent 30-foot waves smashing against the President’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine!  When the President returned from Madrid, he went to Kennebunkport to oversee the rebuilding of his damaged home.

      From this day until the present, awesome destructive events have hit the United States on the very day our government has pressured Israel to divide the covenant land.  Powerful earthquakes, hurricanes, massive flooding, raging forest fires, incredible tornado storms, the September 11 attacks, and stock market crashes have occurred precisely on these days.  The two most destructive events in U.S. history, Hurricane Andrew and the Northridge Earthquake, both occurred at the exact time Israel was being pressured by the United States to divide the land. 

      These disasters can be viewed as warning judgments to bring to the nation’s attention that we are on a collision course with the God of Israel over His covenant land.  There have been over 60 incredible events to hit the U.S. since the beginning of the Madrid Peace Process.  These occurred during the terms of Bush (Sr.), Bill Clinton and the current President Bush.  It does not matter to God if the President is a Democrat or Republican.  When the U.S. pressures Israel to divide the land, the warning judgments occur.

      Every time Yassar Arafat came to the United States for the purpose of dividing Israel, awesome events happened.  These disasters took place at the exact time he was in the United States.  Arafat would bring a curse with him.  Between September 1993 and November 2001, Arafat visited the U.S. 14 times.  On the very days he came, three hurricanes hit; one awesome tornado storm; President Clinton’s sex scandal broke; record flooding; record forest fires; four stock market crashes; and one plane crash killing 265 people.

      The warning judgments have continued right up through the beginning of 2005.  In August and September 2004, four hurricanes struck the state of Florida. Within a six-week period of time, Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne slammed into Florida.  Never in history had four hurricanes hit one state like this.  The hurricanes hit the west coast, east coast and panhandle of Florida.  It is estimated that the combined damage from the hurricanes was $40 billion.

      All of these hurricanes had an Israel connection.  In early August, 2004, President Bush sent envoys to Israel to help Israel withdraw from the settlements in Gaza.  The President was putting enormous pressure on Israel to withdraw its citizens from Gaza before the November election.  Israel was being asked to evacuate 23 settlements while 25 counties in Florida were declared disaster areas.  A great irony was the President’s brother was governor of the devastated state!

      Hurricane Charlie hit on August 13, at the very time the President was pledging one billion dollars to pay for the evacuation of Jews from Gaza.  At this same time he was also approving disaster relief to the tune of $3.9 billion for Florida.  The newspaper headlines at the time read:  “Jews to Evacuate Gaza,” while the next day the headlines were: “2.9 Million to evacuate Florida!”  The pressure the U.S. was placing on Israel over Gaza was being multiplied 1,000 times in America!  This was all happening simultaneously.

      When President Bush made his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination to run for a second term as President, Hurricane Frances was slamming into Florida.  On August 31, under pressure from the U.S., Israel agreed to increase the size of the Gaza evacuations.  On this very day, Hurricane Frances increased to an awesome Category 4 and 2.8 million were advised to evacuate Florida.

      On September 14, Israel began to set up procedures to evacuate Jews from Gaza.  There was talk of armed resistance in Gaza and potential civil war in Israel over the evacuations.  On this day Hurricane Ivan slammed into Florida. The hurricane did $10 billion in damage.  As the hurricane approached, several million people had to evacuate from an area that included New Orleans to the west coast of Florida. Ivan even came ashore on the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

      President Bush gave a major foreign policy speech to the U.N. General Assembly on September 21.  In his speech he had the following to say about Israel:

      “Israel should impose a settlement freeze, dismantle unauthorized outposts,
     end the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people, and avoid any actions that
     prejudice final negotiations.”

     On this day, Hurricane Jeanne began to turn toward the U.S.  The hurricane was traveling east-northeastward, but turned to head directly west toward Florida.  Jeanne would weaken but hit Florida on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.  All four of the hurricanes hit at the exact time the U.S. was putting enormous pressure on Israel to evacuate Jews from Gaza.  The pressure the U.S. put on Israel resulted in $40 billion in damage, thousands of homes destroyed or damaged, billions in lost crops and millions of people evacuated from their homes.

      On November 11, Yassar Arafat died.  Mahmoud Abbas was elected to replace Arafat in January 2005.  Immediately, President Bush sent congratulations to Abbas and said the road map to peace would go forward.  The President’s road map meant Israel was to give up covenant land to a Palestinian state.  He even invited Abbas to the White House.

      Like Arafat before him, Abbas continued the call for the destruction of the State of Israel.  On December 30 he was hoisted on the shoulders of Zakaria Zbeida, a notorious terrorist who Israel was trying to locate and arrest.  On December 31, he called for Israel to withdraw to the 1949 border, and said he wanted Jerusalem as the capital.  He also declared the right of Palestinian return to the land of Israel which would destroy the nation.  And, on January 4, he declared that Israel was the “Zionist enemy.”  In his victory speech, Abbas said that he election was “a victory for Yasser Arafat and the entire Palestinian people.”  He added, “The small jihad (holy war) is over and the big jihad has begun.” 

      Even with all these statements, the President still invited Abbas to the White House and claimed the road map for peace was going forward.  In the past, such action brought disasters upon the United States and this time was no different.  The President said:

     “The United States stands ready to help the Palestinian people realize their aspirations…We look forward to working with him and the Palestinian people to address these challenges and to advance the cause of Middle East peace consistent with the vision I set forth on June 24, 2002, of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.”

      While the Palestinian elections were taking place and the President was praising Abbas and even inviting him to the White House, awesome storms were striking the western section of the United States.  According to William Patzert, NASA climatologist, the western U.S. was experiencing its worst weather in 119 years.  Heavy rains in California were triggering killer mud-slides.  And there were snowfalls in Nevada of up to 19 feet.

      The storms were not limited to California.  Along the Ohio River, hundreds of Ohio and West Virginia residents had evacuated their homes and stacked sandbags.  The river was nearly four feet above flood stage in Ohio and was about seven feet above flood stage in West Virginia.  The incredible rains have caused alarm among meteorologists because of so many rivers near flood stage at this time of the year.  This could set the stage for massive flooding in the spring.

      At the very time the President was inviting Abbas to the White House and talking about the road map to peace, the U.S. was being hit with the worst weather in 119 years.  On the front page of the January 11, 2005 USA Today the following headlines were prominent – California Rocked by Storm” and “Bush Offers to Meet Abbas.”  If all this happened when Abbas was merely invited to the White House, what will happen if he actually steps foot on U.S. soil?

      Is the United States in the crosshairs of judgment?  You decide.

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